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Exploring the link between language anxiety and learner self-management in open language learning contexts

Mirjam Hauck and Stella Hurd

Date of publication: 21.11.2005

Tags: Distance language learning, language anxiety, self-knowledge, self-management, face-to-face settings, virtual learning spaces


Examining social interaction patterns for online apprenticeship learning - Object-oriented programming as the knowledge domain

Jens Bennedsen, Ola Berge and Annita Fjuk

Date of publication: 14.11.2005

Tags: Distance learning, apprenticeship, programming, CSCL


Presumptions and actions affecting an e-learning adoption by the educational system - Implementation using virtual private networks

Sarantos Psycharis

Date of publication: 08.11.2005

Tags: e-learning, education, training of teachers, presumptions of e-learning adoption, virtual private networks


The Filter Project About economic and cultural filtering of online content

Dr. Sylvia van de Bunt-Kokhuis, Henrik Hansson and Jan Atle Toska

Date of publication: 03.11.2005

Tags: Internet information, biased information, economic filters, ideological filters, policy, learning, education, EU, Special Interest Group (SIG), search engines, information quality, conceptual framework


Pedagogic design guidelines for multimedia materials: a mismatch between intuitive practitioners and experimental researchers

Jack Koumi

Date of publication: 28.09.2005



AdeLE (Adaptive e-Learning with Eye-Tracking): Theoretical Background, System Architecture and Application Scenarios

Christian Gütl, Maja Pivec, Christian Trummer, Victor Manuel García-Barrios, Felix Mödritscher, Juergen Pripfl and Martin Umgeher

Date of publication: 27.09.2005

Tags: e-learning, adaptive knowledge transfer, dynamic background library, user profiling, eye tracking, AdeLE


Development of a Virtual Laboratory Experiment for Biology

Jian Qing Yu, David J. Brown and Ellen E. Billet

Date of publication: 27.09.2005

Tags: virtual reality, virtual learning environment for education, virtual learning environment for training laboratory skills, virtual tutoring agents, virtual simulation in biology, E-learning for biology


E-learning measurement of the learning differences between traditional lessons and online lessons

Giuseppe Favretto, Giovanna Caramia and Matteo Guardini

Date of publication: 31.08.2005

Tags: E-learning, online learning, classroom students, pedagogy, student performance


The supportive distance learning environment: A study on the learning support needs of Malaysian online learners

Nor Aziah Alias and Nik Suryani Nik Abdul Rahman

Date of publication: 12.08.2005

Tags: Learning support, online learning needs, supportive learning environment




e-learning, distance learning, distance education, online learning, higher education, DE, blended learning, MOOCs, ICT, information and communication technology, collaborative learning, internet, interaction, learning management system, LMS,

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